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  • "Money Is A Defense" w / John Sidney Martin

    8 videos

    Did you know that eight out of ten people are living from paycheck to paycheck, with little to no savings. This is now a national crisis of epic proportions! Soon Federal and State government will be forced to take action.

    It is time to shake yourself and take some preventative measures. Too m...

  • Nona Parker Tv

    13 videos

    Apostle Nona Parker is an anointed, passionate woman of God that preaches and teaches the word of God with sharp, prophetic insight that releases revelation to the 21st century church. Apostle Nona is an ordained apostolic minister that carries an “in season” Word from the Lord. Bearing the mantl...

  • "This Is My Love Story" w / Alvaun Yonii Martin

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    Watch every episode of a wonderful show that details the life of our guest as they answer this one question "How did you come to know and fall in love with Jesus Christ with Alvaun Yonii Martin.

  • "Raw Talk" w / Derrick Franklin

    8 videos

    Raw Talk is here to help you break away from what the world says a man is, and learning what God says about you as a man.

  • Dr. Paula Price Tv

    7 videos

    Paula A. Price is a strong and widely acknowledged international voice on the subject of apostolic and prophetic ministry. She is recognized as a modern-day apostle with a potent prophetic anointing. Active in full-time ministry since 1985, she has founded and established three churches, an apost...

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